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“I’m thrilled Actors Centre Australia is expanding and opening our youth wing. To nurture and encourage young creative minds and spirits is such a gift.”

Hugh Jackman,
Actors Centre Australia Patron and Graduate

Prepare Your Child for The Stage of Tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s world will require our children to be confident and creative and to possess the capability to connect meaningfully with others. Such a ‘stage’ requires preparation in more than just academic learning.

Founded in 1987 by Dean Carey (and with Hugh Jackman as its Patron), Actors Centre Australia (ACA) is a world-class Performing Arts Centre and, in its 30th Anniversary year, it is now launching Actors Centre Kids.

Actors Centre Kids, is a partnership between Actors Centre Australia and International Early-Learning Specialist, MindChamps. Together, they have created a unique curriculum based on the 3 C’s: Confidence, Creativity and Collaboration, to help young children find their feet, claim their voice – and shine!

Programme Outline

Our theatre programme is catered to children aged 3 to 9 years old. Click to read more about our programmes.


3 – 4 years old


5 – 6 years old


7 – 9 years old

The 3C’s of Actors Centre Kids


Confidence is one of life’s absolute necessities. When kids are confident, they develop 100% respect for themselves and all those around them. This creates a solid and productive foundation for interacting confidently with the world.


As the world reinvents itself, our children have to be ready to do the same – and reinvention requires a high level of creativity. We harness your child’s creativity through engaging activities, exploration and building confident self-expression.


The latest psychological research shows that training in theatre enhances Emotional Quotient by increasing empathy, social emotional control and the ability to connect meaningfully with others. This means that at Actors Centre Kids, we can draw upon the unique power of theatre to build a whole person, by nurturing the child’s inner emotional development.

Actors Centre Kids invites your little ones to experience the time of their lives – a magical encounter each session that will open up new creative possibilities and foster personal growth.

The Journey

Each ten-session block is a Journey which builds through carefully constructed stages of Ignition, Exploration, Immersion and finally, a Creation to be shared with family and friends. It is a journey which builds skills, confidence and the kind of understanding of ‘self’ and ‘other’, which only a truly engaging and collaborative process can achieve.


An exciting journey to engage the creative spark. Through carefully guided exercises each child will feel more:
• focused • trusting • confident • empowered


By expanding experiences into bold new areas, each child feels more:

• connected • collaborative • motivated • engaged


Time to build, construct and achieve. Each child will feel more:
• courageous • expressive • creative • curious


Each Journey is one of creation and imagination with each child feeling more:
• committed • generous • excited • proud

At the end of each Journey, every participant will receive an official Actors Centre Kids Certificate of Achievement signed by the Founder of ACA, Dean Carey, and ACA’s Patron, Hugh Jackman.

Actors Centre Kids @ Leichhardt
Piazza Level G, The Italian Forum. 23 Norton Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040

Actors Centre Kids @ Epping
Shop 1, 101-105 Carlingford Road, EPPING NSW 2121, Australia

Actors Centre Kids @ Chatswood
105/7 Railway Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067, Australia