About Us

ACA has spent over 30 years delivering the highest quality creative nourishment to its students. ACA graduates are equipped to continue that precious communication which is now powered by MindChamps’ 20 years of research in early childhood education, this combination is set to revolutionize the market.

ACA and MindChamps’ unique curriculum rest upon 3 pillars: confidence, creativity and collaboration. With these three aspects combining class by class, every child experiences the essential components for growth.

Separateness is the greatest fear of the human being: feeling that we somehow don’t belong, we won’t be included, we won’t be heard or valued and we won’t be acknowledged – all lead to limiting beliefs and a narrow field of our potential being accessed. ACA and MindChamps have combined our care, knowledge and expertise to create the richest atmosphere in which each child can find their feet, claim their voice and simply shine.


“I’m thrilled ACA is expanding and opening their youth wing. To nurture and encourage young creative minds and spirits is such a gift.”

Hugh Jackman, ACA Patron and Graduate


“My life’s work and dedication has been evolving creative curriculums which elevate and inspire. Actors Centre Kids is precisely the program I would have cherished when growing up myself: a program devoted to unlocking every child’s inner resources and enriching their creative spark and spirit. Welcome to a new world where learning and imagination take flight…”

Dean Carey, CEO Actors Centre Australia (ACA)


These are exciting times as our work with actors and young people helps enrich the fabric of their lives – and through them, the life of communities worldwide. Now, more than ever, is the time to celebrate the power of theatre as these young people harness their gift to enrich and enliven the narrative that dwells in the human heart and soul.

David Chiem, Founder CEO and Executive Chairman, MindChamps